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Tailored integrated care for people with severe mental illness, all in one place

High-quality clinical treatment and compassionate social support to help people thrive physically, mentally, and socially.

We believe that treating the whole person leads to lasting health outcomes and a better quality of life

Amae Health provides specialty integrated care for people with severe mental illness. Our psychiatry-led approach recognizes the unique needs of our patients, and provides personalized treatment across behavioral medicine, primary care, and social health to help patients and families stabilize, prosper, and prevent future adverse events.

Immediate post-acute event engagement with patients & family

In-person care clinics with integrated community & support centers

Precision treatment plans integrating gold standard clinical models

Symptom & outcomes tracking powered by measurement-based care

People with severe mental illness don’t need a screen. They need a team.

Our outpatient care centers operate as both a clinic and a community center where our patients receive all medical care and recovery support. Some of our integrated services include:

Psychiatric Care & Medication Management
Primary Care
Group Therapy
CBT + DBT Integrated Therapy
Holistic Health Coaching
Nutrition, Exercise & Sleep Management
Peer Support

We are in-network with the following plans

and accept most PPO plans out-of-network.

What our members say about Amae

I’m a sister of a patient at Amae. I felt immediate relief from the beginning of our first visit to their facility. The staff is incredibly supportive, caring, and immediately follows up when needed. This is unfortunately rare in the mental health field. Though it’s only been less than two months since my brother has joined Amae, I’ve noticed significant improvement in his overall well-being. For the first time, my brother has accepted that he needs help and is willing and eager to continue to do the work at Amae. We’re beyond grateful for the staff at Amae, and I’m excited for him to continue to stay on the right path.

Caregiver of Patient at Amae Health

When Amae was recommended to us, we thought we had run out of options. Or at least that none of the other options seemed to offer any real help. Our son, who had been sober and medicated for over a year, was dealing with a new serious mental crisis: for a couple of weeks, he had been super paranoid, agitated and incapable of focusing. Probably because he had stopped taking his meds. He had just been released from a hospital psych ward hold where they heavily sedated him. They had released him with no suggestions on what to do next.

After a few miserable days for all of us, we took him to meet the team at Amae. They were wonderful. A harbor in the storm! They gently convinced him to take a breath and to talk to them. Even though he was very adamant to leave. The psychiatrist offered to take him for a walk, just the two of them, and chat. Everyone there made both him and us feel heard for the first time in weeks. Fast forward, day after day, our son started participating more willingly in Amae’s outpatient program. Now, several months later, he willingly goes there twice a week. He is himself again: caring, calm and attentive. Active socially. He even has started to work again. And he takes his medication. All this seemed out of reach just months ago.

What a turnaround it has been! We are all so grateful for Amae’s very personal approach. They help him with his physical well-being, his mental health, his social skills, and his personal development. I feel that this kind of help is something that was greatly needed and lacking. I really wondered if anyone was listening and really willing to try to help individuals dealing with mental health (rather than just sedating or locking up people who are struggling). I feel like our kids have to live in a very complex and challenging world, with overwhelming global issues that must be really difficult to deal with. It is my opinion that Amae successfully offers a safe space for those who need help learning to cope and move on with their lives.

Parent of Patient at Amae Health

The people at Amae are very friendly and supportive. I've learned a lot of new coping skills and ways to control my intrusive thoughts. With the health coach, I've learned about nutritional foods and getting exercise. With the treatment and the medication, I'm getting better.

Patient at Amae Health

I met with one of your members today. She is still impaired but REMARKABLY better compared to when I last met with her.

UCLA Referring Psychiatrist

Creating a better future for our most vulnerable populations

We are a psychiatry-led integrated care provider of outpatient physical and behavioral health services delivered at our in-person clinics. Our goal is to eliminate disparities in care and improve health equity across marginalized and underserved populations.

For Families

Is your loved one in need of support? We involve families every step of the way.

For Providers

Would you like to refer a patient to Amae? We offer same-day appointments.